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This section describes the commands in Sketchpad’s menus.

The File menu allows you to create, save, and print entire documents.

The Edit and Display menus contain commands that alter the appearance, format, or definition of existing objects in your active sketch.

The Construct, Transform, Measure, Number, and Graph menus all allow you to define new mathematical content in the active sketch, often by creating new objects related to selected objects.

The Window menu (Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X only) lets you manage open document windows on your desktop.

The Help menu contains links to the Sketchpad Learning Center, to this Reference Center, to the Sketchpad Resource Center, and to the Picture Gallery.

The Context menu appears when you right-click (Windows) or Ctrl+click (Macintosh) in the sketch, and presents options relevant to the clicked object, or to the sketch document if the click was in empty space.

The Custom Tools menu appears when you press and hold the Custom tool icon at the bottom of the Toolbox.

The Macintosh edition of Sketchpad contains a Sketchpad application menu in addition to the menus listed here. This application menu contains standard commands used by all Mac applications, and isn’t discussed here.