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The Help menu contains commands that you can use to get help on using Sketchpad.

The Learning Center is the place to begin learning about Sketchpad. View the Welcome to Sketchpad videos, use interactive tutorials to learn the basics of using Sketchpad, and take advantage of resources to help you teach effectively with Sketchpad.

The Reference Center provides detailed reference information about every aspect of Sketchpad, including chapters covering Sketchpad’s objects, tools, and menus. Use the Table of Contents, the index, or the full-text search to find information easily. (You are using the Reference Center now.)

Visit the Online Resource Center to download materials for classroom activities and projects; find links to sample sketches, reports and presentations, bibliographic materials, and other resources; find out about professional development opportunities; check for program updates; or contact our technical support team.

Sample Sketches & Tools uses Sketchpad's Remote Document capability to give you access to a large number of useful examples from many areas of mathematics, from Elementary number and place value activities through advanced topics in non-Euclidean geometry and calculus. It also provides a direct link to the Sketch Exchange home page.

The Picture Gallery contains a collection of pictures that you can use in your sketches and activities as you experiment with transformations and other mathematical investigations, or just to dress up your Sketchpad presentations.

The License Information command displays the license name and the last four characters of the authorization code. If Sketchpad is not yet licensed on this computer, the command is Purchase Information, and allows you to purchase or register a new license. For more details on purchase, registration, and deregistration, go to

About Sketchpad appears here in the Windows version only; it appears on the Apple menu in the Macintosh version. This command displays a dialog box identifying the registered user name, the specific version number of the program, and assorted program information and credits.

In addition to the Help menu, most of Sketchpad’s dialog boxes have Help buttons that you can click to get specific information about using that dialog box.