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In addition to the geometric, algebraic, and other objects that comprise Sketchpad constructions (and the tools and menu commands you use to create them) there are several windows, dialog boxes, and palettes that allow you to control and manipulate your experience with Sketchpad.


Learn about the document window and how to manage the pages and tools that a document includes.


Perform calculations using measurements from your sketch, and create and edit functions.

Motion Controller

Start, stop, or pause objects in motion, speed them up, slow them down, or reverse their direction.

Text Palette

Change the font, size, style, and color of text, and use mathematical formatting in text objects.


Find out how the selected object was constructed, or change how it appears or behaves.


Change Sketchpad’s defaults for units, color, text, and several tools.

Advanced Preferences

Change advanced defaults for exporting, sampling, and system settings.

Script View

View a script of the active custom tool, change the order of its given objects, and format the resulting objects.

Color Picker

Choose specific colors for objects, and change the colors in the color menu.